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2019 I moved back to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. My vision of art changes completely, sometimes I think that new places evoke different sensations, and through images that remote from my childhood and the lifestyle in Brazil, I create Nemesis a series of expressionist paintings, full of hybrids that exude the beauty of optimism in brazil, where I seek to connect popular iconographies that come from series and video games to draw them in a way that a child would, with total freedom and without prior study, letting myself be carried away by my artistic instinct and transforming it into action-packed cartoon monsters and emotion, this mountain of memories of my childhood are related to the homely feeling in which I feel being in a city like Rio de Janeiro. I am looking for the beauty of a painting through the squiggles and the irregularity of the lines. The paintings are made with acrylic paint and Spray, the latter has a very important meaning for my work, since since 1979 the aerosol became a means of illegal activity, which in some way is related to the illegal work that I support in my lifetime.